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Top figureheads

She floats on the stomach with many figureheads on her back, so they can keep a look-out in all directions.

The 19 figureheads are symbolic portraits of living women over the age of 70 who have this in common that they come from different cultures and have had to relate to cultures other than their own for various reasons - work, love or as refugees. In this way their stories live on for future generations.


”As a classical symbolic expression, the figureheads represent the ship’s protector. Thus the third Life-boat gets 19 female protectors. Apart from taking care of the ship, the female figureheads - on the strength of their diversity - also act as protectors against narrow mindedness, oppression and intolerance. They do not represent different nations; rather they are ambassadors for the trans-national as well as cultural values across national borders.”

Ann-Dorte Christensen


The figureheads have roots in the following countries: Vietnam, Greenland, Somalia, France, Bosnia, Japan, Germany, Poland, Norway, USA, New Zealand, Congo, Tanzania, Syria, China/Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, England, Palestine, Greece, India, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Botswana, Zambia and Denmark.

Sketch of Marit Benthe Norheim of the figureheads and their location on the boat.

Read more about the women and their portraits by clicking on the names.

galionsfigur skitse

Marit Benthe Norheim, about her work with the figurehead fore "My ship is loaded with Memories.

With english subtitle

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